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Twinkle Christmas Lights - Old Fashioned Random Twinkling C7 & C9 Christmas Lights

Replaced in the early eighties by Chaser and Miniature Flashing Light Sets, these are the Twinkle Lights so many of us remember from our childhood, creates a beautiful glowing tree that Twinkles. Each Light Twinkles Independently of the others. These are great to put on your Christmas Tree as the first string of lights to give it an overall Twinkling effect and then add the Miniature Lights and Decorations for a beautiful old fashioned Christmas Tree. These old fashioned twinkle lights are Glass.

25-Light Indoor/Outdoor Transparent Twinkle Christmas Light Set with 25 C7 Transparent Twinkle Bulbs and Green Wire shown. Also available in C9 Transparent Twinkle Bulbs. Available Bulb Colors - Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Amber, Clear, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Patriotic Red, Clear & Blue. Safety Fuse Protection, 7-Watt C7 Transparent Twinkle Bulbs or 10-Watt C9 Transparent Twinkle Bulbs. Add-On End Connector - two sets may be connected together.

Lone Star Trading Company has made a decision not to purchase and sell the cheaper quality Pre Lamped sets now flooding the US market, we have opted to continue to sell the same high quality Bulbs and sets we have always provided for our customers - due to drastically increasing costs for all petroleum related products (ie. plastics, paint, transportation, etc. and huge increases in the costs of copper) we have elected to eliminate boxes for some sets to avoid raising our prices any more than necessary.

The Christmas Lights sold by Lone Star Trading Company are Heavy Duty, High Quality, Super Bright, Long Lasting Display Quality Light Sets - NOT the type of lights that can be purchased at Discount Stores.

C7 TwinkleRegular price: $37.95Special: $34.41Bulb Size:  Color: 

Click to enlargeOld Fashioned Random Twinkling C9s - Green Wire w/ Multi Color C9 Lights, Glass Bulbs
C9 TwinkleRegular price: $37.95Special: $34.41Bulb Size:  Color: 
5 Amp Glass Fuses, 2-Pack -  5 Amp Glass Fuses for C7 & C9 Sets5 Amp Glass Fuses, 2-Pack - 5 Amp Glass Fuses for C7 & C9 Sets
Fuse Card$2.25Item: 
C7 & C9 Transparent Twinkle Light Replacement Bulbs (4-Pack)C7 & C9 Transparent Twinkle Light Replacement Bulbs (4-Pack)Old Fashioned C7 and C9 Transparent Twinkle Light Replacement Bulbs (4-Pack). The C7 Bulbs are 7-Watt and the C9 Bulbs are 10-Watt. Our twinkle lights will not freeze (Industry term for a twinkle light that twinkles for a while and then goes to steady burning).

4-Pack TwinkleRegular price: $5.26Special: $4.76Bulb Size:  Transparent Bulb Color: 

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