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The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci - A. Santini Sculpture Studios

The Last Supper - The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci measures 29.80" and is made of crushed Carrara marble and alabaster, shown in white on a matt mahogany wood base, amazing detail - artist G. Ruggeri from the A. Santini Sculpture Studio in Italy $899.00 in white. Also available in color Hand Painted and signed by artist $1799.00, Special Order.

The Last Supper was painted on a wall of the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan between 1495 and 1497. Within ten years after its completion it was showing signs of deterioration. Painstaking effort is being made at the present time to restore and save the painting which is considered one of the greatest masterpieces ever created.

To present his subject Leonardo Da Vinci chose the dramatic moment immediately after Jesus has said, "One of you shall betray me!" He has spoken calmly for to him it was a simple truth. To the apostles it was a startling disclosure.

Leonardo has made a psychological study of the reaction of each apostle and in so doing has revealed to us, through face and body movement, something of the character of each. Observer and scientist that he was, he believed that the feelings of a character could be revealed through body movement as well as face and to this aim he advised artists to observe deaf mutes.

To present the individual reactions he divided the apostles into four groups of three with Christ strongly positioned in the center.

Every detail of the work is of great interest but by many devices he brought focus upon the figure of Christ, isolating him physically and psychologically from the rest of the group. The son of God reacts to the situation with that same understanding which was the essence of his teaching.

In the group to the right of Jesus, James with outstretched arms seems to give assurance that there could not be such treachery while doubting Thomas, standing behind him, seems ready to argue and Philip inclining toward Christ seems to profess his own personal devotion. The group at the far right depicts, from left to right, Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon, while at the other end of the table we have, from left to right, Bartholomew, James the Younger and Andrew.

To the left of Christ we see John who has recoiled in horror at the thought of tragedy to the Savior while next to him, Peter, always the man of action, is poised to discover the villain and avert the disaster. At Peter's side Judas tensely clutches the money bag and in guilt draws back from Christ.

Leonardo da Vinci's beloved masterpiece, is reproduced in sculpture by A. Santini, an Italian artist of this century, and gives some indication of the amazing miniature characterization of Christ and The Disciples.


Close Up Detail  - The Last SupperClose Up Detail - The Last Supper

Close Up of Detail - The Last SupperClose Up of Detail - The Last Supper

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