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Spectacular Light Show/Chasing Lights - 140-Light Spectacular Lightshow/Chasing Christmas Lights

Chasing/Spectacular Light Show - 140-Light Indoor/Outdoor Spectacular Light Show Chasing/Chaser Light Set - equipped with a Microchip Action Control Device. Automatic Multiple Action - Waves, Chasing, Individual Fade-In Fade-Out, Flickering, Whole set Fade-In Fade-out, Twinkling, Flashing - or choose the action you want - you can even make the set Steady Burning. This set has a Fused plug for extra safety and four spare bulbs. There are no flashing bulbs in the set. Total Length 54'.

The Spectacular Light Show Set has eight different stages. The 1st stage is the Combination Stage. While in the Combination stage, the set automatically shifts from one Action Stage to the next through Stages 2-7. The stages are (1) Combination, (2) In Wave: Lights Move Back and Forth in Wave Motion (3) Sequential: Lights Chase Back and Forth at Varying Speeds (4) Slow-Glo: Lights Fade-In and Fade-Out (5) Sparkling/Chasing: Lights Sparkle and Chase (6) Fade On/Off: Entire Light Set Fades-On and Fades-Off (7) Sparkling: Lights "Explode" like Fire-Crackers (8) Steady Burn: Lights remain Steady Burning.

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